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From: Serena Hibbard preteen dancing sexy
Subject: Forever Young 2Well It will 4 years this September, since Angelo died. I quit my job a
year after his death, I just couldn't go on working there without thinking
of him. I now run my own Daddy Daycare, I call it Angelo's preteen girls kingdom Angels in memory
of my love, and even though my daughter is almost 3. She knows her daddy
likes men, even though I don't date or look at men around her. I know she
knows, because, I told her in away she would understand. Well I read read a
book called My Two Daddies, and she noticed I got a "stiffy" in my pants
while looking at the pictures. She wasn't on my lap at the time, thank
God. But we were not alone, at the time. It was story time at the center,
and I was reading to the kids. Now since most of the kids had gay parents,
which was either two dads or two moms it was ok. of couse one boy there
John Micheal Moore cries,"I only have one daddy and my other dad died when
I was a baby." Then Angela says,"my second daddy died too", and goes to hug
John as he cries. After John calms down, he sees his dad walk in. I could
hardly breathe, John's dad looked like Angelo, and I become preteen smokingphotos sure it is him
when he notices me. He tries to avoid me, but Angela my angel sweet talks
him into talking with me, and we go in my office to talk. He tells me he
was in The Witness Protection Program, when we 3d preteen breast met, and that I was the only
person he was honest with. The only thing he didn't tell me was he had a
son, and that his lover was shoot by a mob boss. Plus his ex wife was
almost killed by the same guy. Not to mentain this was the fifth time he
had to relocate. He did however tell me, that it would be the last time
since everyone in the crime family was either died or in jail for good. He
also asked me if I named my daughter after him, I said,"Yes, and that was
one of the reasons my russian preteens free wife divorced me." Then Angela chimes in,"Plus she
didn't want me or dad." "Dad can Angela and her dad go with us, if we have
to leave again?" John asks as he held Angela's hand. Then Angelo said,"Of
course son, we will never leave with out them." As he stares in my eyes, I
can see the love is still there, and I know his words are true. After a
while I ask John and Angela to go outside and wait for us. Angela come nonude preteen freemovies back
and tells us the FBI is outside. We fallow her and find out that one of
members of the crime family is out for good behavor. They tell us, we all
have go since me and Angela's life is in danger now. Angelo asked The FBI
how did this happen, but never got an answer. Soon we were all in a room
waiting to go to a new home in a new town. I was very scared but knew it
would be ok somehow now that Angelo was back in my life and thanks to the
FBI we were now married. Although we were not going to be the Moore Family,
we do all have the same lastname, and I have a new job now. Angela and John
are going to a prefumance art school and are learning how to be future
Amercian Idols. The school is owned by an ex FBI agant so I know their safe
their. Well got to go it's time to makelove with my husband.
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